Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pyramids built by paying workers, not slavery.

During the course of study at IIT I came upon a source which stated that the pyramids were not built with slave labor. Rather, according to this source, the workers were paid.

Now this doesn't mean we can assume the wages were generous, however, it shows that the rulers and their aides were men of some economic sophistication greater than that which dominates those civilizaations that resort to slavery for their public works.

Considering this, while offsetting any conclusions with the fact that I cannot vouch greatly for the source, the portrayal of the Jews in the movie, The Ten Commandments, as outright slaves seems to be in some question. The regional employment picture, however, may have been such that thee were no better opportunities available, and considering the stress Jews place on their bonds as a race, historically, it may be that the flight from Egypt was more of a struggle for leadership among the Jews and the rights of representation to the Egyptian authorities, than a work of grim individual faith, Moses being the final victor in either case.